Friday, November 23, 2007

Zoe's first Thanksgiving ~ Dinner at Weber's in Ann Arbor
Thanksgiving date with Daddy
Awaiting the turkey with Aunt Diana
Uncle Richard carves the turkey
After dinner smiles :)
Poolside table @ Webers

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Breakfast date with daddy
Zoe Marie 6 months old

Pulling Pepper's hair.....AGAIN!

I LOVE this game!~



Cutest little snowboarder this side of the Mississippi!

Bring on the snow yo!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

This week my aunt Gretchen came to visit us in Michigan.
We went shopping, got haircuts, played in a mirror maze,
went out to eat, looked for cars,
visited the world's larget Christmas store,
got lost in Detroit, went trick or treating, carved pumpkins,
baked cookies, made haunted houses out of rice krispie treats,
and played, played, played.
It was a blast! I loved her so much!
Thanks for coming to see us, Fudge.
We Love YOU!

Hanging with my Aunt G.

World's Largest Christmas Store

Deck the Halls....Tralalalala laa laaaa

Modeling my new gap hat from granny gwen.

Thanks grandma! I love ya!

Playing with Gooch is hard work..............Phew.

What a fun week!

Cousin It......or Aunt Gooch?
Gretty gets a haircut.
Zoe's first haircut.

ARRR.....Happy Halloween you Scurvy Dogs!
Care to pick a treat from our pirate treasure chest?
Merry Christmas!
Katie, Zoe & Gooch visit the world's largest Christmas store.

I love my tia gooch!
The rice krispie haunted house bake off!!! Gooch won!
The pumpkin carving contest.....
...Gooch won AGAIN!!!

Katie's cute new sneaker/slippers from Diane.
Thanks! I love them!!!