Friday, August 29, 2008

Wesley watches the Democratic National Convention
as Zoe dreams of President Obama.
A Father's Love
I often tease Welsey these days that I am neglected. I tell him that someone else has stolen his heart, and I am second best. In truth though, I am so grateful to have such a loving father for my children. Wes is absolutely amazing with Zoe. He is so patient, creative, engaging, and kind. He inspires me to become a better mother. Almost every night Zoe will go and find her fancy foot lotion, carry it out to her dad, and point to her toes. He gladly picks her up, strips off her socks & shoes, and gives her a lovely 20 minute foot massage! She has become quite a daddy's girl lately. She often points to her forehead to make the ASL sign for daddy and wants to know where he is and when he is coming back. When Wes leaves for work in the morning she often stands at the front door and cries for several minutes. Their love is pure, unconditional, inspirational, and eternal. It's awesome to witness....
...and I don't mind at all taking a back seat to a love like that! :)

Monday, August 25, 2008

28 weeks & 42 inches

Do not adjust your monitors, that really is my actual belly these days. I have officially hit 28 weeks with a 42 " waist line. Fascinating what the human body can do, hu? We had another doppler ultrasound today. I love to see those kids swimming, kicking, & waving from within my womb. I just lie there on the table with a big giddy grin on my face the entire 60 minutes. There was good news today, both brains are showing average blood flow, so we aren't seeing any signs of distress or anemia ~ fluids are good, placentas are great, cords are strong, & growth is optimal. Both babies measured in the 60+% for their estimated weights....a hefty 2.5 lbs a piece. In addition, both babies are head down!!!! I feel so blessed to be carrying twins and even more blessed that everything has continued to work itself out time after time. We will continue to do weekly dopplers ~ just to keep a close eye on these little ones, but my doctors are hopeful that we can keep them safe in my belly for at least another 6 weeks. I sure hope so. I want FAT, HEALTHY, HAPPY babies that know how to breathe, suck, & swallow! :) I will continue to send them good vibes each day! We want to thank all of you who remember us in your daily thoughts & prayers. We certainly appreciate all of your love, care, & support. Thanks also to all of our friends who continue to help out with Zoe while we go to 60million doctor appts. We are so lucky to be surrounded by such angels.

Watch out Bono, Zoe is rockin' this stage.

"I'm a super star!"

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Zoe's first real pig tails!

I love my dad & mom.

One of Zoe's favorite new activities is to go in the nursery & play with all of the babies' toys. She loves to climb in their bouncy chairs, kick back, and pretend to be a newborn. What a crazy kid.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Happy Birthday to YOU!!!

This Sunday, August 3, was Wesley's 30th birthday! We celebrated by going to Lower Huron Metro Park & having a yummy BBQ. We played games & enjoyed the sunshine & each other's company. It was a great afternoon. Happy Bday Wes! WE LOVE YOU.

Zoe in Training

Last week I bought Zbug two baby dolls so she could start practicing her big sister skills. She loves them! She carries them everywhere she goes & takes them for fifty walks a day in their stroller. She is certainly on her way to being the best big sister ever!

Cheeto Face....covered in orange dust from too many cheetos!

25 Weeks
At the request of friends & family back home, I am posting a few pics of my ever-expanding physique! I am now officially as big now as I was with Zoe at 32 weeks....which I have been told is "normal", considering there are TWO healthy, happy babies in my belly, but somehow when I look in the mirror, "normal" is not the first word that comes to mind! Ha ha.