Wednesday, February 13, 2008

happy valentines day
i love you,
miss z

zbug modeling her new dress from grandma kath

thanks, grandma! i love you.

9 months ago today

i was on my way

into the big beautiful world!!!

zoe & her boyfriend elmo
celebrating their 1st valentine's day together

Monday, February 04, 2008

Lately Miss Zoe has been growing up so fast!
She has nearly spent as much time out of the womb
as she did in it! She will be 9 months old on VALENTINES DAY!
We love her so much & we want to share with you
all the new things she has been up to lately.

new hairstyle from daddy
new favorite game

climbing up and down stairs

what a happy & beautiful girl!!!

chompin' on some lunch with two new teeth

favorite new adventure...
...taking over the world!

new favorite boy ~ justin pugmire

new favorite chore ~
unloading the dishwasher
just like grandma kath

new favorite food....pretzel stix...yum