Wednesday, August 12, 2009

THIS is the PLACE......HERRIMAN, that is!!!
As my Grandma Gwen put it, "We hit the motherload when we moved into this neighborhood!" I couldn't agree more. We live in the coolest city on the most awesome street with the best neighbors in the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD! I LOVE living here, and I wouldn't change a single thing about this place (except maybe the weeds that seem to multiply over night in my flowerbeds!). On the 24th of July, we were invited to participate in
a neighborhood bike parade for the kids,
followed by a spray down by the fire truck hose,
followed by a block party BBQ...
...with a huge inflated waterslide....
....yummmmmmy summer treats....
....& fun fun fun in the Summer Sun!
What a great day~and a great way to spend our first 24th of July back in Zion. We are super blessed to have such great instafriends here.
This REALLY is the PLACE!
Wes & Zoe after getting a spray down by the fire truck
Have you ever seen a cuter pioneer????
Kids @ Heart
The adults line up to take the fire hose full blast!
Z & her long lost friend Lucy reunite!
Eva & Eli sip some juice & eat popsicles
@ the neighborhood block party!

Zbug & her idol Emmy after being soaked by the fire truck
following the neighborhood bike parade.

Zoe gets in on the water fight! Stick 'em up!

The giant waterslide we rented!

Herriman Beach
We recently discovered a treasure in the mountains above our home...a little man~made lake with clean, sandy beaches & a beautiful view of the Wasatch Mountains. We have spent several hours sunbathing, sand castle building, & picnicing. What a summer treat! Who needs the Great Lakes of MI when you have Lake Herriman...ha ha ha :)
"Welcome to MINE house!" says Zoe.
Gub Gub Diane is the best Grandma on Earth. She is constantly looking for the next BIG surprise to bring over to our kids! A few weeks ago, she was on & saw this cute little log cabin. Of course, she just HAD to get it! She brought it over late on a Sunday night so Zoe would be surprised when she woke up on Monday morning. It was a HUGE hit! We have spent nearly every afternoon outside playing in our new house. Thanks, Gub Gub! We love you!
Sugar Babies Jenessa & Amanda came to stay for a few days!
Beach Bums....Fun in the Sun @ Herriman LakeElijah catches some ZZZzzzzs in the sand
Princess Buttercup livin' it up at the beach!
Miss Zoe builds a sand castle!

Grandma Merritt & Aunt Kari with Eva & Eli
Camping at Strawberry
Eva chillin' with Uncle A
Grandma Merritt & Elijah swing Zoe in the big yellow swing