Sunday, July 27, 2008

Zoe's favorite things....
....smelling flowers.....
....playing dress up......
...looking pretty....
....doing her hair!
What a GIRL! We love her.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

BIG sister Zoe
What happened to my baby girl? Zoe is so grown up these days. She is super independent & incredibly smart! She has about 12 ASL signs that she does on a daily basis. She has so much to tell us ~ she is constantly singing or jabbering about something! She loves being outside,reading books, having friends over for playdates, drinking from a straw, giving kisses on the lips, & playing dress up. She goes to her closet or dresser several times a day & picks out a new outfit. She loves to change her clothes & accessorize! She is always putting on a hat, necklace, or jacket. This kid cracks me up every single day!
She is the best & I am so lucky to be her mom.
NO doubt ~ she will be a fantastic big sister!
Let Freedom Ring....
For the 4th of July this year we attended a church picnic during the day, and Wesley & Austin put on a fancy fireworks display in our driveway that night. As you can see, Tyke was fascinated, but Zoe was a little freaked out. Austin rode up & down the street waving a firecracker torch above his head like the Statue of Liberty! Our neighbors next door even came outside to enjoy the spectacle!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Greetings From Within the Womb...
...We Come in Peace
Today we went to our second doppler ultrasound for the twins, and we are so grateful to announce that so far everything still looks great! The babies were each measured at 12 oz and 7 inches long ~ average size for a singleton baby at their gestational age of 5 months. Their arms & legs & hearts & brains all look healthy & normal. The bloodflow to their brains was scanned & there is no sign of anemia, which we have been praying for considering the complications that could occur with the negative E antibody detected in my bloodwork. They were both super active...swimming, spinning, kicking, & waving. You can see their cute little hands in the pictures on the right & their heads bumping together in the picture on the left.
Thanks for all of your prayers & support.
Wesley & Austin bought new long boards this week for early bday presents to one another. Zoe immediately fell in love with the idea of boarding & started shredding it up in the living room. She amazed us with her skills. She is seriously talented at skateboarding. How funny.

Ride on, little sista!

Wesley had this week off from work, so we went on lots of great adventures together! One of our favorite outings was Kensington Park. It is a beautiful lake surrounded by an 8 mile hike/bike trail, tons of playgrounds, two beaches, a golf course, a petting zoo, & nature center. We took Tyke & had a blast! Wes even found us a special treat ~ wild raspberries! Yum.

Tyke & Zoe watch dad gather raspberries.