Saturday, January 30, 2010

Countdown to CHRISTMAS!!!!
My lovely and generous aunts...Meresa & Mary made this treasure of a Christmas countdown for us this year. What an incredible gift. The kids totally loved putting on a new ornament each day and so did I!
My aunts mean so much to me. Thanks for all you do!
I love you.

The Gals @ Temple Square Christmas Eve
The Guys @ Temple Square Christmas Eve
Merry Christmas, Eva!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Adventures in SLEEPING!!!
During Christmas Break, we had this great idea to ditch the cribs and get all 3 kids in toddler beds. Zoe was in a toddler bed @ 10 months, so we figured the twins now @ 15 months were well past the age of successul transition....
...pretty much everyone we knew held their breath & their tongue when we told them about our marvelous plan to leave babyhood behind us.....
....We went to WalMart and bought the girls two darling purple & green fairy beds that match their room adorably,
and we gave Zoe's old white frame to Eli...
....Fortunately, the kids have adapted really well to the new routine and their new found sense of freedom. Some naptimes are better than others, but for the most part, we are calling the change a SUCCESS!!!
Now we just need to install a traffic light in the hallway to help cut down on traffic congestion during the rush hours of 5-6AM.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

To Everything There is a Time & a Season....
...and this is the season to play catch up! I am sad that it has taken me so long to get my blog updated. Please forgive my slacker deliquency with posts from the holidays...but I am back & tonight I tackled Thanksgiving, so stay tuned, Christmas is coming soon! Who knows, I may even be up to date by Valentine's Day.
Crazy Katie & Co.
Eva enjoying the loving arms of her Great Grandmother Gwen!
Zoe toasts the year with her dear friends Bennett & Bronwyn!
Eva stuffs her mouth with one more spoonful of
Papa's world famous sweet potatoes!
Eli ~ "Oh, I just can't take another taste!"
wow. what a fantastic year. last year at this time we were in ann arbor, mi with our dear friends following our annual tradition of the thanksgiving spread at weber's resort. this year we had quite a change....we were finally home for the holidays & boy, was it a celebration to remember! we started the day off with a mid-morning feast at my mom & dad's. they are famous for their delicious thanksgiving goodies. the kids ate & ate & ate. on the way back home to herriman they slept & slept & slept. it was perfect. in the early evening wesley's family began to arrive at our home for a lovely thanksgiving gathering & our 2nd dinner for the day! incredible to be back in utah, we never would have guessed. we are grateful for food, shelter, family, friends, children, health, safety, freedom, religion, education, jobs, and LOVE!
we are so very blessed.

Just Promoting a Little Peace, Baby. Nov 09
Eva's very first little ponytail...Sweet. Nov 09

Elijah almost 13 months
Eva almost 13 months
Crazy kiddos....these babies just keep crackin' me up. Eva took her first steps on her birthday & has not slowed down since. Eli tried to catch up....but it took several weeks (5-6) for him to reach the level of Eva's skills. It made me giggle because he was the first to roll over, the first to crawl, the first to climb the stairs...
...but Eva won the walking race hands down!
Slow & steady wins the race.
I am proud of my little tortiose!