Friday, February 27, 2009

Who Would Have Guessed????

Zoe & Olivia play with Melissa's twins
Kolyn & Karl
On Valentine's Day I had a lovely reunion with two of my best friends/former roommates from my days at Snow College. Heidi, Melissa, & I were quite the crazy crowd of hippies back in the day.....ha ha. We could often be found cruising around the great town of Ephraim in Heidi's lime green VW bus, affectionately named, "Sweet Pickle." Seeing my friends again was a trip...but what was even crazier was seeing all of our beautiful children together for the first time after all of these years. Heidi now has two adorable girls...and they were the 'official' babysitters for the day because ~ get this ~ Melissa & I both have 2 year olds...Zoe & Hazel....and even crazier, we both gave birth to twins last year....Kolyn & Karl and Eva & Elijah! Life is funny. Thanks for a great day, girls! I hope we can get together again soon! Lots of Love to you & your adorable kids!

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