Wednesday, August 12, 2009

THIS is the PLACE......HERRIMAN, that is!!!
As my Grandma Gwen put it, "We hit the motherload when we moved into this neighborhood!" I couldn't agree more. We live in the coolest city on the most awesome street with the best neighbors in the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD! I LOVE living here, and I wouldn't change a single thing about this place (except maybe the weeds that seem to multiply over night in my flowerbeds!). On the 24th of July, we were invited to participate in
a neighborhood bike parade for the kids,
followed by a spray down by the fire truck hose,
followed by a block party BBQ...
...with a huge inflated waterslide....
....yummmmmmy summer treats....
....& fun fun fun in the Summer Sun!
What a great day~and a great way to spend our first 24th of July back in Zion. We are super blessed to have such great instafriends here.
This REALLY is the PLACE!


Brenda said...

What CUTE pictures! The twins are getting BIG and oh so cute as always! Zoe is growing too, such a doll! What a fun neighborhood and a great place to live! =)

I missed seeing you guys at the Family Reunion!

life is good said...

I agree with Brenda. The twins are getting big. Zoe is a cute big sister. What a great family.