Thursday, May 29, 2008

Happy Memorial Day
2 all american girls
katie & zoe at greenfield village for the civil war reenactment
zoe displaying her patriotism by eating the flag!
yummmmmmmmmm......i love this country!


Sydney said...

How does the States Taste? ~Sydney

MaddyChick said...

I love Zoe's Dress! I'm so glad you have a blog so I can keep up on how fast she is growing. She is adorable!

Chris and Michelle said...

Okay Katie,
so Zoe does look just like wes! She is like my kids - they don't look anything like me! Hope you don't mind me looking at your cute blog - you have a darling family.

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie,
I just stumbled a crossed your blog and wanted to drop a quick note. Your little angel is beautiful. It looks like life is treating you well. I would love to hear from you, if you’ve got time please email me @

Love Melissa