Thursday, July 17, 2008

BIG sister Zoe
What happened to my baby girl? Zoe is so grown up these days. She is super independent & incredibly smart! She has about 12 ASL signs that she does on a daily basis. She has so much to tell us ~ she is constantly singing or jabbering about something! She loves being outside,reading books, having friends over for playdates, drinking from a straw, giving kisses on the lips, & playing dress up. She goes to her closet or dresser several times a day & picks out a new outfit. She loves to change her clothes & accessorize! She is always putting on a hat, necklace, or jacket. This kid cracks me up every single day!
She is the best & I am so lucky to be her mom.
NO doubt ~ she will be a fantastic big sister!


Kenn and Natalie Mangum said...

She even looks more grown up! How cute that she changes her clothes all the time, girls are so cute! Hope things are going well. I heard from Mandee that you are possibly thinking of moving. Let us know if any big changes are coming! Hope those babies are doing great and aren't kicking you in the ribs too much!
Miss you!

Michelle said...

KT - what is your address so I can send you madalyns invitation!

candy said...

Hi Wes and Katie!
I lost you number so I haven't been able to call you. I would love to talk to you so when you get a chance will you call me or email me I hope things are going really well for you.
Candace Hill

Hamilton Clan said...

katie! Twins- how fun and how busy you are going to be! This is Megan (Judd) I just wanted to say hi and tell you your little girl is darling! I haven't seen your sis in forever so tell her hey next time you talk. Good to see your cute little family!