Thursday, July 03, 2008

Greetings From Within the Womb...
...We Come in Peace
Today we went to our second doppler ultrasound for the twins, and we are so grateful to announce that so far everything still looks great! The babies were each measured at 12 oz and 7 inches long ~ average size for a singleton baby at their gestational age of 5 months. Their arms & legs & hearts & brains all look healthy & normal. The bloodflow to their brains was scanned & there is no sign of anemia, which we have been praying for considering the complications that could occur with the negative E antibody detected in my bloodwork. They were both super active...swimming, spinning, kicking, & waving. You can see their cute little hands in the pictures on the right & their heads bumping together in the picture on the left.
Thanks for all of your prayers & support.

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Kenn and Natalie Mangum said...

How cute is that! I still can't believe you are having twins! You are the perfect person for it though, you are such a good mom. We miss you guys a lot and hope things are going well. Take care!