Friday, September 26, 2008

Am I Forgetting Something?
In an effort to be ready for the unexpected, and out of shear excitement & anticipation, I have packed the hospital bags (several times), set up the nursery, bought diapers, wipes, clothes, towels, bottles & binkies, acquired 2 bouncy chairs & 2 exersaucers, bought another car seat, and prepared the crib!! Technically, I could still be carrying these kids 7 weeks from now, but better safe than sorry, right? Besides, I am just seriously
So now, I need your help.....what am I forgetting? I know that there has to be something I've overlooked. Please let me know your thoughts, suggestions, and questions!!!!


Anonymous said...

Don't forget the double stroller :)
That is sooo cool. I am happy for you guys.

kiki said...

what about food. I never bring and seem to be starving in the evening hours. I plan on packing CHEEZ-ITS :)
Oh my friend had her twins a few days ago.. I'll email you about it

Luke Marrott said...

My wife Bethany did the same thing I asked her the same thing. Then our daughter came 7 weeks early and we were glad she was all packed up and ready for the hospital and everything. It's probably good to be prepared for whatever may come.