Saturday, September 20, 2008

Today we went on a little family field trip to Kensington Park. We went to the petting zoo & then spent the afternoon playing by the lake. Zoe LOVES animals, so she was completely thrilled to have such a great hands on experience with her barnyard friends. I think the horses were her favorite. She just stared at them for the longest time. We had a great day. We will really miss the fantastic metro parks Michigan has to offer when we get back to Utah!
Zoe was completely mezmerized by the horses.
She could not take her eyes off of them.

Checkin' out the chickens.
Lovin' on the lambs.
Finally, making sandwiches with Daddy for lunch! Yum.

We had a delicious picnic by the lake!


brenda said...

Cute Pictures! It looks like you had a great time! Brianna loves horses also! Every Birthday, and every Christmas, she wants a horse or a puppy! Soon we will have Steers for 4-H projects! I may have to give into a puppy!

PS. You are doing great, it's so exciting that you are past 30 weeks! Keep up the good work!

johnsonfamily said...

I can't believe you has less than 2months! I'm getting so excited for you.

PS Zoe is such a DOLL!!

MaddyChick said...

The good news is you can always take her to Grandpa's to see the sheep. I hope your still feeling good. I love your names. I made my blog private so send me your e-mail and I'll let you in. :)