Saturday, March 07, 2009

Memory Grove Memorial Park ~ Summer 2006
Chappell Family @ Memory Grove 2006
Dreams Do Come True
For years I have had a beautiful daydream, and last week it finally came true! Before we moved to Detroit, you could find me on an any given afternoon running or hiking the trails with my dog Tyke in my favorite spot in Salt Lake City....Memory Grove Memorial Park. I love this park so much! Every time I was homesick for Utah, I always pictured myself back in Memory Grove. I had spent so many hours there that I had the trail memorized....the different sights, sounds, and smells during all different seasons. I even took a picture of this park to my the births of my children so I could go there mentally for an escape from labor! :)
After Zoe was born, I dreamt of a day when I could take her to Memory Grove & share with her its beauty & mystique. Last Saturday my dream came true....only times 3! Not only did I get to share a very special place with Zoe, but Eva & Elijah were there, as well. It was a gorgeous day full of love, laughter, & light. I am so happy to be back on the trails that hold so many wonderful memories for Wesley & me. Hopefully next time Tyke will also join us! He'll be ECSTATIC!

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Anonymous said...

KATIE!!! I am coming to UTAH! I even have plane tickets so it is for sure. We are coming on June 17th. Ivan is staying until the 23rd, but I am staying until Jul 8th! Hopefully you can fit us in!!