Monday, March 02, 2009

The Twins' First Trip to the Park
Eli rode in the pack on my chest, Eva slept in the stroller,
and Zoe walked by my side!

After surviving our great escape to the backyard, I decided to get really CRAZY and try to take all 3 babies on an outing to a nearby park. For weeks I had been contemplating how I could manage to walk 1/2 mile with a single stroller and 3 little sidekicks. I had imagined all kinds of different scenarios & finally decided the best plan would be one baby in the stroller, one in the baby pack on my chest, and Zoe walking by my side. To my COMPLETE surprise, our trip was not only a success, but it was also very enjoyable! :) The weather was lovely, the kids were great, and the fresh air was so refreshing! I liked the pictures of Zoe playing on the playground because you can see the majestic view of the mountains across the Great Salt Lake Valley. Man, have I missed those mountains living in Michigan for the last 3 years! I just LOVE to look out the window at any location in the whole city & feel the warm embrace of the mountains' arms surrounding me!
I can't wait to be outside with the kids EVERYDAY this summer!

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Anonymous said...

Um... That park looks famillar! Ha ha ha! lol!
a.k.a.~ Syd