Saturday, April 25, 2009

An Aquarium in the Desert....
...What a Grand Idea for a Friday Family Fieldtrip!
up close & personal with the stingrays in the touch tank
Finding Nemo
Daddy introduces his girls to the Utah Brown Trout
Wow! I just love this quote!!!
We had a fantastic day @ the Living Planet Aquarium on Friday. Zoe LOVED the fish & hop hops (frogs) & ssssssss (snakes)! She was so super cute running from exhibit to exhibit. She couldn't get enough! She hasn't stopped talking about our little field trip all weekend! I hope to take her back on her birthday in a few weeks!


Summer, Devan and Taiden said...

We were at the Aquarium that day too! Darn we must have missed you guys... We went a little late!

Juli said...

I love catching up on your blog! Your kids are so cute and the twins are growing so fast! Call me... we need to get together. I'm glad you found a home and would love to come and see you sometime!