Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Children are the hands
by which we take hold of Heaven
life is beautiful ~ an update from katie & co.
the last month has been a fun & crazy whirlwind of activity, hence the lack of blogging...but now i am starting to feel the ground under my feet again so i wanted to document a little update. on march 9th, we closed on our very first home. buying a house was an exhausting & exciting process, especially with 3 kids under 2 in the car on most trips out to look at properties, but we finally found the perfect home & it was well worth the wait. our home is in a wonderful neighborhood with fun new friends on all sides. we have a gorgeous yard...the previous owner was a horticulturist & she has desertscaped the entire thing. we also have a peach tree, 2 plum trees, 2 cherry trees, a butternut tree, a large herb, veggie & strawberry garden, & grape vines all along the back fence! my grandpa sherd has his fingerprints all over this place. i know without a doubt he led me to this home. there is a fantastic hiking/walking/biking trail that runs between all of the back yards of the houses in the development ~ with 4 fabulous parks within walking distance from our home. i can not say enough good things about our new ward & neighbors, and we are out of the city enough to escape the yucky inversion & light pollution, so you can see a million stars in the sky at night! we couldn't ask for more. we have been blessed beyond our imaginations. during the last four weeks, i have been rushing around trying to set up some sense of normalcy for the kids, unpack a billion boxes, and prepare for the twins' blessing on easter sunday. we had a wonderful easter with a ton of friends & family members there to support us. wesley did an awesome job blessing two babies, and we enjoyed a lovely brunch at our new home following church services. i am so grateful to be back home in utah, to be in my very own home, and to be surrounded by a lot of love & support. my next project....a luau for zbug's 2nd bday party.
wish me luck! :)


The Batts said...

Star ~ So glad to hear that everything is going so well for you and your family. You deserve to be happy! I can't wait to see this yard - you are right, Pops would be proud! Enjoy those trails and nearby parks! They will save you this summer! Your kids look as adorable as ever.

Kenn and Natalie said...

Hey guys! We are so happy to hear you found a great house and that things are going well for you. You sure deserve the best! The twins are growing fast, they are both SO adorable.