Saturday, November 07, 2009

A Monster Mash Birthday Bash
Halloween Brunch
We had an awesome time celebrating Eva & Eli's first year of life on Halloween at a costume party & brunch at our home. I had so much fun decorating & preparing for the big day!
On the Menu:
Scrambled Dragon Eggs -
Crispy Crunchy Bat Wings (Bacon)-
Haunted Hash -
Bloody Spider Cider - Poisonous Pop -
Yummy Mummy Pumpkin Muffins -
Brittle Bone Breadsticks -
Demon Digits & Moss Sauce (carrot sticks & dip) -
Sinfully Sweet Sugar Cookies -
Sneaky Poisoned Apples with Golden Goop -
Freakish Fruits - Blood Red Berries - Ogre Eyes (olives) -
and BIRTHDAY CAKES (made by my wonderful mom)!!!
Eva's Beautiful Butterfly Cake
Eli's Animals on Parade Cake
A Feeding Frenzy !!!

Happy Bday Eva & Elijah!

Demon Digits with Moss Sauce
Ogre Eyes

The Annual Birthday Banner
I create a collage for the kids on their bdays highlighting the year's major events. For the twins' bdays on Halloween I did a Trick or Treat theme and listed little descriptions of each stage/event over the past year & whether it was a "trick" or a "treat"!!! It is so much fun for friends and family to reflect on the time gone by and the ways the kids have grown and developed! It is one of my favorite traditions that I hope to keep up year after year!
Sinfully Sweet Sugar Cookies
Sneaky Poisoned Apples With Golden Goop

Blood Red Berries
Freakish Fruits
Yummy Mummy Pumpkin Muffins
Bloody Spider Cider

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness.. i miss you guys so much you have no idea! I really wish that I could have came to the party!!!!! ): I love you and Miss you guys tons!!(: