Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Family of Things
An Awesome Halloween Moon
A Couple of Cute Little Things
The Cat in the Hat on the Prowl for More Candy
A Very Happy Halloween!
After a busy birthday bash monster mash in the morning, we took naps & prepared for a night of spooks, giggles, and fun on the town. We took all three little ones out Trick or Treating... and it was a blast! Our neighborhood has such a wonderful sense of community. Our adorable friend & neighbor two doors down gets all decked out in her witch gear & brews up some wicked wassail on her porch, along with plenty of cackles and delicious sugar cookies....the family down around the bend fries up hot scones in their driveway, and several houses have ceramic fire pits flaring for warming stations around the loop!!! Amazing.
What an incredible first birth day!
Happy One Year Mark Kiddos!
We love you little things!


Felecia said...

you guys look so cute i love your guys costumes they are so cute

Brenda said...

Wow, they are getting so BIG and of course, so CUTE! Zoe is such a doll!
Such great pictures! I love your costumes! What FUN and COOL parents you are!

Have a joyful December!