Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A busy bumble bee invades the pumpkin patch

Halloween Story Time at the Library
Today Brittany & Gretchen took Zbug to a fun Halloween story time @ the library. They listened to some fun books & went trick or treating around the library. Lots of Zoe's good friends were there, too. She had a great time! Later, they went to a pumpkin patch. Thanks for a fun day!
Happy Halloween!!!!


Anonymous said...

Where are those babies?? Gretchen seems like a fantastic aunt! You and Zoe are sure lucky! I hope you were able to get some rest while they were away.

brenda said...

When I see you new post, I get very excited! I immediately think, "Katie's had her babies!":)

Well, I will keep on waiting patiently, along with everyone else!

I love your pictures of Zoe and your sister, how cute! I'm so glad your sister is there with you! Wow, she's going to be missed! We all need someone like Gretchen! Can she come and visit us?:)

(Thanks for you nice comment on my blog!)

The Batts said...

Katie Sue - are you not following my advice?! Zoe is growing up so fast! She is an adorable little bumble bee! Also, the pics with Gretchen Anna are adorable! We are missing her around here, but we are glad that she can be there to help out. I hear that the babies are growing and growing. I am proud of you for holding strong and being such a good momma! Best of luck!

Harrison's said...

Hey Katie...I hope you don't think I'm blog stalking you (I got to your page from Naomi's). It was so fun to see Gretchen and Zoe at the library! Zoe was a completely darling bumble bee =) and Gretchen is such a fun aunt! Just wanted you to know I was thinking about you and hope you're doing well.

life is good said...

What a cute bumble bee.

sydelleyjones said...

Zoe looks sooo cute in that bumble bee costum!!!!