Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost.
friends forever ~ katie 7 years & gretchen 16 months
Aunt Fudge Has Finally Arrived!

On Saturday, my little sister Gretchen (aka Fudge) flew in from Salt Lake City, Utah! She will be staying with us for the next month & I couldn't be more grateful or excited! Gretchen is one of my dearest & closest friends. I have missed her so much while living in MI. We talk on the phone nearly every day, but nothing compares to having her by my side. I am so thrilled that she will (more than likely...cross your fingers) be here for the birth of the twins. What an extraordinary experience to share. Gretchen is a wonderful aunt and has already taken over Zoe's heart. Zoe won't even nap so far because she is so thrilled to have a friend to play with non-stop! Gretty is also worth her weight in GOLD! Within an hour of setting foot in my house, she had picked up every single toy that was strung about the living room & swept the kitchen. She is constantly on the move...cleaning, cooking, washing, entertaining Zbug, and helping me complete little projects that have been on my to do list for far too long! I can not express how much I LOVE my little sister and how grateful I am that she has put her life on hold, sacrificing time & money, to be here with me at this time. I don't know if I will ever be able to repay her. The words "Thank You" just don't seem adequate! I love you, Fudge! You are the best little sister & friend in the world!


johnsonfamily said...

What a sweet post about your sister. Tell Gretchen hi from me. I remember her being so much fun and full of IT!! How nice to have some extra hands and someone to hang out with to pass the next couple weeks.


The Batts said...

My girls were so excited to see Gretchen on the blog! Keep her busy doing lots of housework and making her earn her keep! :) We look forward to seeing those twins on here shortly! Good luck in the coming weeks! We love you!

Juli said...

Looking at that picture just took me back to that girl I was SCARED to death of in elementary... good thing we became best buds in 5th grade!!! Gretch--- I havn't seen her FOREVER!!Give her a big hug for me!!! That is so great she is there to help you, she truly is a great sister. Good luck with everything and keep in touch... Be sure to let me know when the little bundles arrive!!! Katie you are amazing!!!

brenda said...

I'm so glad your sister's arrived!
I've always felt we need help before our babies arrive!
What a sweet sister! How fun for all of you!

When I was pregnant with Brianna, I was lucky to have my niece Ronda with me for awhile, she was great help!

Hello to your sister!

Naomi said...

I'm so glad Gretchen can be there for you now. What a blessing!

kiki said...

Have fun and enjoy every second with her!

The Squire Family said...

Katie!! You didn't mention to me on the phone today that your sister was there! Remember we keep missing each other?? One day I will meet her. You better warn her now. That is so sweet of her to come and help. What an exciting time for your family!! Keep me posted!