Saturday, October 11, 2008

mama zoe & baby arianna

mama arianna & baby zoe

best friends forever! zoe loves you anna!

A day full of PLAY
yesterday zoe had a huge day full of play....and she loved every minute of it! in the morning, her long time boyfriend corban came over to hang out. zoe was very attentive to his every need. you can see below she is trying to feed him apple snacks and assist him with his sippy cup. she is such a hands~on, touchy~feely kid. she loves to give hugs & kisses!!! luckily, corban is a good sport & took all of her manhandling in stride. in the afternoon, zoe's best friend arianna came to play. they had a great time pushing each other around the house in the stroller. it was hilarious. the person pushing would act like the mommy & give the person in the stroller a binkie so she could pretend to be the baby. it was so cute! this kid cracks me up! thanks for making me laugh every single day z-bug! i love you!


Anonymous said...

Sad.... I wish my girls were playing with your sweet Zoe! I guess thst will probably never happen. How sad to make such good friends and then be torn apart--it is just plain cruelty! Your friend Jennifer that was obsessed with you and your birthing experience, contacted me and has all sorts of questions about you!

Naomi said...

Thanks for sharing the pics. I wish you guys were going to be around here forever so Anna and Zbug could grow up together... :) They are so cute together, and I know Arianna is totally loves Zoe!