Thursday, October 23, 2008

We really thought yesterday was the day, but alas, we are back at home with 2 empty car seats! It all started at 3 AM when we swore my water broke. We called my monitrice, midwife, & OBGYN. We decided to go into the hospital around 10 AM. We spent several hours in triage for evaluation & it was determined that my water did not break, there was just some funky mishap. The babies were monitored via ultrasound & external fetal monitors & both looked great ~ plenty of fluid, lots of movement, very reactive, both head down, & happy. We were checked for dialation & were dialated to 4 cm...but not in any real rhythmic pattern of labor. The lovely Jamaican doctor that was treating us told us we could go for a walk around town & come back in a few hours to see if the labor was progressing or we could choose to be admitted. We chose the walk around town. We went to get a bite to eat & walked around the hospital & went back to get checked a 2nd time. Nope! No change. No further dialation. No more established pattern of contractions. Nada. Nothing. So, we loaded everything back up & headed home. Who knows how much longer my little ones will choose to stay inside my lovely womb. I have completely stopped even trying to guess. I am just going to go with the flow for now & see what happens. Today it is back to the same old routine of non-stress tests. I am kind of bummed because I was really looking forward to meeting these kids, but I guess I can wait a little while longer. They can't stay in there forever, right? I just pray they come out to play before Aunt Gretchen goes back home on the 8th. Thanks for all of the thoughts & prayers that were offered on our behalf yesterday. We really appreciate all of your LOVE & SUPPORT!


MaddyChick said...

I was thinking about you and your babies yesterday, now I guess I know why. I hope when the little ones do finally decide it's time that everything goes well. Tell Gretch to extend her trip a little!

Kenn and Natalie said...

Wow Katie! Those babies seem ready don't they? My sister in law had her baby this morning. Maybe today will be your lucky day too! I wish we were there to help out with everything. You were such a life-saver for us when Chase was born. We'll pray that they come before your sister leaves too! We miss you and can't wait for the news of the twins arrival!


Anonymous said...

Katie!! How exciting! I am so happy for you guys. I can't wait to check your blog and find pictures of the babies! Keep me posted. I will keep you in my prayers. I am sending you an email on my horrible ordeal yesterday..

The Batts said...

Star - you are so patient! I am totally impressed with you. You know what they say about getting labor started? There is supposedly one surefire way to get it going! :) I will be thinking of you and wishing those babies into this big world! Good luck!

kiki said...

The race is on, will my 1 baby come before your 2 babies???
I am dialated=1, blood pressure 120/80. Baby is sitting pretty for me! I am 37 1/2 weeks. child #3 and 4 came during week 37!!

brenda said...

I think it is great you have gone this far! I can't imagine it being much longer! I wish for you to go this weekend!

If not, maybe you'll have babies on Halloween, that could be fun!

In all seriousness,I hope you deliver before Halloween! :)

Good Luck! I am anxiously awaiting to hear your news!