Thursday, November 06, 2008

Eva & Eli ~ 1 1/2 days old
Aunt Nana fallin' in love with baby Eli Uncle A chillin' with baby Eli
Sisters & Best Friends
Daddy & his girls!


Bethany said...

How sweet!

taylia said...

Your babies are beautiful! Congrats. We can remember the night that Z was born...glad it went smoother this time. You're in our thoughts!

Diane Fosnocht said...

Oh Katie. Words cannot express how happy I am to learn your news. I just checked in with you today. I am so thankful that all went well. I smile with fond memories when I see how round and full your belly was. I know you and your famiy are so happy that that pregancy is behind you. And what a phenomenal birthday.. They will never forget that historical election. Yes, hope won. In more ways than one. You are so eloquent expressing yourself. It is quite a gift. Give Wes a hug from us. Let us know when you will be in Salt Lake. We move back to Virginia in June.