Thursday, November 06, 2008

Monday, November 3, 2008

Headed Home??????
On Monday, November 3rd we were discharged from Providence Hospital. We were super excited to get home, relax, & bond as a family. At 10 AM the following day, we visited our pediatrician for the twins' 2 day old check-up. She suggested that we have some blood drawn to check for jaundice levels. We went to the lab, stopped by Costco to buy Z some diapers, ate some lunch, went to the polls to VOTE (YES, WE CAN!), and headed back home in the late afternoon. Once we got home, the doctor called us to report that the jaundice levels were elevated & asked us to check back in the hospital that evening for phototherapy, evaluation, & observation. She was concerned because the antigen E antibodies that were present in my blood during pregnancy were transferred to both babies. This could have potentially caused a serious threat to their health, resulting in blood transfusions, or worse. Needless to say, that is not what we wanted to hear. We had been home less than 24 hours and were exhausted! We were missing Zoe and she was misssing us. We were tired, scared, and overwhelmed, but we repacked all of our bags and headed back to the hospital. Once we got admitted and settled in, the babies began their phototherapy. They had to stay in bilibeds unless they were eating or being changed. They also had biliblBoldood tests drawn every 6 hours from their heels to evaluate their progress & health. The next day, Zoe came up to the hospital with Gretchen & played all day in the playroom of the pediatric ward where we were being treated. It was so great to see her & spend the day with her. She lifted our spirits. Wednesday night Wesley took Zoe home & Gretchen stayed with me in the hospital. The babies' levels continued to drop & their health improved. More prayers were answered & we were discharged - again- this afternoon. We are so HAPPY to be home !!! After thoughtful reflection, we feel so blessed. With everything that can go wrong with pregnancy & birth, we are so lucky & fortunate....what's a little jaundice phototherapy?
We have been blessed with three beautiful, healthy, happy children. We thank God for them and for you all of your continued thoughts & prayers!
p.s. HOPE WON!!!!


Naomi said...

Yay! I'm glad you can be home now! :)

The Batts said...

They are so cute - I can't get enough of your blog because I can't get enough of those babies!! I am so glad that you are all at home now and doing well. You look way to good in all of those pics to have just had twins....maybe in the next one you could look a little tired or something so that the rest of us don't look so bad! :) Take care and enjoy those babies!