Sunday, November 09, 2008

Zoe & Eva
Gretty, Eli, Zoe, & Eva
Goodbye Hugs & Kisses
Farewell to Aunt Fudge
Saturday, Nov 8, 2008
It's crazy to think a whole month has passed since Gretchen came to stay with us! We had so much fun laughing & playing together. We certainly appreciate all of the help that she gave us. We could never have done it without her!!! She was a HUGE support! We were so sad to say good-bye. Zoe was kicking & screaming, "NO" in her carseat when we dropped her off at the airport. It was heartbreaking. Luckily, we will be back in Utah soon & we can all laugh & play together again! Thanks for EVERYTHING, Nana ~ the shopping, the cooking, the cleaning, the moral support, the back rubs, the foot rubs, the laundry, the floors, the trick or treating, the trips to the hospital, and the endless hours of babysitting!! We LOVE you!!!!


The Chappell's said...

It's so nice that Gretchen was able to come and spend that time with you. I'm sure that the good-bye's were hard - which will make the "Hello's" that much sweeter when you get back here!

See you soon!

BattFam said...

Katie the babies are so cute. I bet you will miss having Gretty. Congrats again on the babies.
Des Batt

Naomi said...

We are sad to see her leave, too. As I already told you, Arianna said to me the other day, "I miss her" when I was explaining to her that she wouldn't be there when we visited you. Gretchen is a great lady, and I'm so glad she was able to be there for you, and am happy to have met her! :)